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Diamond Wheel Cutting Specialists 

Diamond cut alloys have become exceptionally popular throughout the motoring world. From Mazda to Maserati, almost every car manufacturer offers Diamond Cut alloys. 
Diamond Cut or 'Diamond Turned' alloys can be identified by their polished, CD like finish, normally combined with a painted surface. 
The Diamond Cut finish is achieved by first applying the desired colour to a wheel before using a diamond tipped lathe to remove an extremely thin layer from the wheel face. You may also hear the technique being referred to as ‘diamond polishing’, or ‘diamond turning’. 
With the latest Diamond Cutting technology, We Restore Alloys offer precision diamond cut restorations that give a quality, manufacturer spec finish every time! 
A more detailed explanation of the technique is shown below. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland
Scotlands Very Best Diamond Wheel Cutting Specialists 

The Diamond Wheel Cutting Process 

An insight into our Diamond Wheel Cutting Process... 
Initial Inspection 
Before any work commences, a thorough inspection is carried out to assess the condition of the wheel. 
The photo adjacent shows damage which is very typical for diamond cut alloys. As the machined surface is only protected by a layer of lacquer, any small chips or scuffs can result in water penetrating beneath the lacquer, causing the ‘spidering’ effect shown. 
Diamond cutting involves removing a thin layer from the wheels face, so we need to ensure that the wheel has not been cut too many times in the past that will result in removing too much metal from the wheel. 
Any extensively deep damage may mean that the wheel is too heavily damaged to be ‘re-cut’ 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Initial Inspection
Wheels are restored to a painted finish 
When we have determined that restoration is possible, we follow the same procedure as our [standard restoration]. After colour has been applied to the wheel, the diamond cutting process begins.. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Wheels Restored
Mounting wheel 
The first step of the diamond cutting procedure is to mount the wheel in our bespoke diamond cutting lathe. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Mounting Wheel
The wheel profile is then plotted by carefully probing the wheel across the entire wheel face. A customised smoothing program is used to ensure a precise finish. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Plotting
First cut 
When plotting is complete a ‘dry run’ is performed to ensure that the program is precise and has no inacurracies. The first cut is then performed which often only removes the surface of the paint. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ First Cut
Final cut 
The wheel may receive several ‘passes’ to achieve the desired finish. Remember, only a thousandth of an inch is removed at a time. The final cut is performed with a special finishing tip to provide the ultimate highly polished finish 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Final Cut
Lacquer applied 
With the cutting process complete, the wheel is cleaned of all loose particles before being instantly returned to our state-of-the-art oven for de-gassing. A Crystal clear powdercoat lacquer is applied to provide an enhanced finish and offer protection against the elements. 
Diamond Cutting Service Fife Scotland ¦ Lacquer applied
Custom Finishes 
The diamond cutting technique can also be used to customise the finish of a wheel that previously had a standard painted finish. Provided the wheel has a flat face or flat face section, we can create a whole new look for your alloys! 
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