We Restore Alloys



Whether your wheels have kerb damage or stone chip, have suffered from pitting or corrosion, or are just in need of a freshen up, our highly trained technicians have the skills and desire to return your wheels to like-new condition.

Every We Restore Alloys restoration facility has been specifically designed to provide an unrivalled quality of wheel restoration.

Each wheel undergoes the same thorough process. Stripped back to bare metal, then repaired to remove all signs of damage. A combination of powder coat and liquid paint offers a manufacture spec finish with unbeatable durability. You can choose your colour to match existing or go for a whole new look.

We can repair and refurbish wheels in almost any condition, and our investment in genuinely state of the art equipment and our relentless attention to detail means that we deliver a quality of service to exceed your expectations.

We Restore Alloys…… Its what we do!


Our hassle-free restorations begin with a drive in service. There is no need to have your wheels removed prior to visiting We Restore Alloys.

Simply drop your car at any of our conveniently located branches, hand over the keys and we will take care of the rest. Rest assured that your car will be stored safely and securely throughout the restoration process.


All wheels are individually inspected to assess their condition. Unlike a mobile repair, the entire wheel is assessed for kerb damage, corrosion and pitting. Our technicians conduct inspections on every wheel to identify any flat spots, buckles or cracks. Any wheel found to have suffered significant structural damage will be deemed beyond repair and unsafe for road use. Tyres, centre caps, valves and wheel weights are all removed in preparation to begin restoration.


Prior to paint stripping, wheels are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, traffic film and brake dust.

Wheels are then immersed in a chemical stripping plant to remove all off their existing paint and powder coat.


With the wheels stripped to bare alloy, we proceed to carefully remove any kerb damage and signs of corrosion. All work is done by hand to ensure an A1 finish.

Following initial prep, wheels are gently blasted in our blast cabinet to clean, degrease and ’key’ the wheel for powder coating. This is a non-aggressive process that is purely used for surface preparation.

The blasting process is followed by many stages of de-burring, sanding, filling and polishing to ensure that all defects have been completely removed and that the wheel is ready for re-finishing.


Refinishing takes place within our purpose built booths. Wheels are heated to the required temperature in our state of the art oven to expel any gases or moisture trapped in the alloy. The entire wheel is then coated in a powder coat primer, before returning to the oven to part-cure the powder coat, ready for colour application. Colour is predominantly applied using liquid paint. Although powder coat can be used for a variety of colours, liquid paint offers a superior finish with greater depth and clarity. Liquid paint not only allows us to match more than 99% of manufacturer wheel colours, it also provides near-endless colour possibilities to give wheels a unique look.

Finally, Wheels are returned to the oven to cure the colour before finishing with a powder coat lacquer. Lacquer is used to enhance the finish of the wheel, but most Importantly to protect the wheel against environmental influences such as water, dirt, salt and UV radiation. Customers can choose from a traditional gloss finish or the increasingly popular satin or matt finishes.


All restored wheels maintain market-leading quality by monitoring every step of the process with careful scrutiny. Only after we are satisfied that a wheel has been restored to an exceptional standard, will it be passed to our finishing department for the final touches.

Tyres are refitted, and balanced, and for anyone who takes advantage of our drive-in service, carefully reinstalled on the car and torqued to manufacturer standards. Centre caps installed, a coat of tyre shine, and ready to hit the road and turn heads!